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But he faced an allegation that he had become a father again at the age of 64 to a baby boy, George Ivan Morrison III, by a woman who was not his wife. New mum: Gigi Lee, who has given birth to baby George In a statement, the singer of Brown Eyed Girl, who is married to former Miss Ireland Michelle Rocca, said it was all ‘completely and utterly without foundation’.A public relations executive drafted in to represent him said he had asked Morrison whether he had even heard of the supposed mother, a woman named as Gigi Lee.Gigi’s boyfriend confirmed to The Mail on Sunday that he broke off their relationship about four years ago because he believed that she was Van Morrison’s mistress.He admits, however, that to this day he has not confronted her with his suspicions.‘I had been in love with her,’ he said.The paternity of her child can be settled beyond doubt only by a test.Meanwhile, Gigi, who is a friend of Jerry Hall’s sister Rosy, appears to have been happy to promote the idea that Morrison is the father.‘When Carla told me about her feelings for that guy, I just left her.Pals: Gigi Lee with friend Rosy, who is Jerry Hall's sister 'I had no idea she was working for Van Morrison until recently, when I went by the house to see how her brother was doing. ‘There was a tour itinerary for Van Morrison lying on the ground and it listed her as his “producer”. She had no background in music.’Two smart black Mercedes owned by Gigi – a convertible and a four-door sedan – were parked outside her house last night in Dallas and discarded Pampers nappy cartons were piled on the pavement.‘I haven’t seen the baby since he was born,’ said Carla, ‘but I went with Gigi when she had a sonogram [ultrasound] and it was labelled with her name and Van’s and she said, “Oh, he looks just like his daddy.” ’Filed neatly in a blue cardboard folder in Carla’s sitting room are emails from Gigi – or at least from her email address – which allude to ‘Van’ and ‘the baby’.

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‘She was constantly travelling to London or wherever he was.

Yesterday, reached on her mobile, Gigi said over the sound of a baby crying in the background: ‘I really don’t have a comment now, not yet.

I will do.’ Earlier, two women who claimed to work for Gigi answered the door of her house. You just want to clear things up.’Asked how ‘the baby, George’ was doing, the first woman said: ‘He’s fine.’Until Gigi’s pregnancy, Carla admits that little seemed to change in her friend’s life, except for the mysterious travelling.

But according to her friend Carla, a backstage meeting with fellow Texan Rosy Hall at a Rolling Stones concert in the Nineties changed her life. Van Morrison claims the the message on his website, pictured above, was the work of hackers Through Rosy, Gigi is said to have been introduced to a world way beyond her small corner of Dallas.

At the time, she was working as a temporary secretary and looking after her disabled brother.

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