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He first contacted Doctor Doom to agree to a non-aggression pact with him, and by association the Cabal, in order to be unopposed in his conquest.Once he'd secured this, he launched a pre-emptive strike on MI-13's superheroes, launching specially-bred vampires at the Earth like missiles.However, in his quest he was repeatedly foiled by the X-Men, the now-vampiric Rachel van Helsing and Lilith, Dracula eventually returned when the effect of the Montesi Formula was negated and Hydra created a clone from Dracula's DNA to serve as their vampiric superweapon, only for the vampire to escape their control.with other supernatural villains Lilith (a different entity from his daughter), Captain Fate, and Baron Blood.The character returns in the Captain Britain and MI13 storyline "Vampire State", By this time, Dracula no longer adopts the dress and mannerisms of a Victorian era nobleman, rather his appearance is more reminiscent of a medieval warlord.He wears a form of body armor, a cape with ragged ends, long blonde hair maintained in a pony tail and inhuman features such as red eyes, elongated canines, retractable claws at the tips of his fingers and pointed ears.

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While Dracula was able to seriously wound Black Knight, he was slain with a single blow from Excalibur, leaving Britain victorious.Born Vlad Dracula in 1430 in Schassburg, Transylvania (now Sighişoara, Romania), he was the second son of a Transylvanian nobleman.He was named prince of Transylvania and voivode (prince) of Wallachia and became ruler while still a child.Soon afterwards, he enhanced his own blood with that of Varnae, giving him greater powers than any other vampire. In the 19th century, he faced opposition from Abraham van Helsing and Jonathan Harker in England, the exploits of which were recorded in the 1897 novel by Bram Stoker, Dracula.When the humans destroyed Dracula, his remains were placed in his coffin, concealed within a cave blocked by an enormous boulder.

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