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Lonnie Burr will be the next Mouseketeer to be interviewed on Baby Boomers Talk Radio starting tomorrow, Monday April 18th......

and speaking of Lonnie, a thoughtful retrospective on him attending a 1956 fan party was posted a few years back at this blog site..... Solari does an interview with Baby Boomers Talk Radio......

For the third season (1964-65) of the Mickey Mouse Club's first syndication the studio offered some hastily produced new material to entice local stations into renewing their subscriptions.

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For those of you in the Chicago area, some of the mice will be making a rare live visit outside Southern California, at the Tivoli Theatre in Downer's Grove, on Sunday June 25th at pm.

They are appearing to support fund raising for The Center for Early Childhood Creativity at the Walt Disney Birthplace. Your webmaster will be checking this out and will hopefully get some photos for the website....

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