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"However, they always end up drawing attention." Here, they draw the attention of our stunt cock in Brandi's first hardcore scene. The hunter was strolling around the park looking for a place to kick the soccer ball around when he smelled sweet pussy in the air.He explored the area and found this sexy MILF named Holly having a picnic by herself. This week on Money Talks Havoc hits the streets with an idea that involves window washing.Pablo's aunt was visiting, and Pauly caught her in the shower. The hunter spotted a super sexy MILF from his car and had to go talk to her. She came with her friend, Christina, who was looking really sexy.Bianka was a super sexy MILF with big titties, a round firm ass, and an all around smooth succulent body. It was awkward at first with the camera in her face, but Gabriela eventually became comfortable with it. Christina woke up in the morning and was swimming around in the pool looking super hot in that bikini. These two crazy late night cats came home making all kinds of noise.Since we were pretty active, we needed the help every now and again.Levi had been wanting to hook up with Ava for a long time. The MILF hunter was at the clinic getting himself checked out and he noticed a super hot medical representative while he was inside.She has the perfect package in mind-her tight pussy! As soon as they drove into the parking lot, they spotted a few MILFs worthy of being the prey of the day. Its time for the holidays and on this new episode of Money Talks we decide to top the tree with a dildo and find a lovely lady to ride it! So Levi and I where hanging around last week when we got a call from a realtor lady named Rachel that was at the front gate looking to get in.

We knew Ava had the connection in the penis pill market.

Well, window washing with some nice titties of course.

Don't miss what happens when we head over to a local barber shop. The hunter was waiting patiently outside for his favorite bartender to get off her shift.

What can I tell you about black 'n' stacked Carmen Hayes that you didn't already know? Levi had a new neighbor who was just looking for an excuse to come meet him. Levi and Pauly were out cruising around on their day off and spotted their neighbor, Sasha.

Well, how about this: She's only half-black 'n' stacked. She came over saying her washing machine was broken and wanted to use Levi s. She d moved in a couple of months ago with her husband and kid and had sparked the MILF Hunter's interest, but he hadn't properl...

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