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But there's no question that Virginie Despentes directorial debut (the film is based on her novel of the same name) uses sex to challenge viewers in ways unthought of by the makers of, say, 9½ weeks.

Intimacy (2001)The censorious British Film Review Board decided to leave a real oral sex scene intact in Patrice Chereau's film about two people who meet for casual (and in the case of one of them, adulterous) sex every Wednesday.

" It is also rumored that he acquired an STD while filming, and filed for and received workers compensation benefits.

Pink Flamingos (1972)Another cult classic, this was John Waters' feature film debut. customs while on its way to the New York Film Festival and later released unrated, this influential film by Oshima Nagisa follows a passionate and sexually obsessive relationship to its destructive end.

We work with entire families that have been affected by sexual abuse including: adult male and female sexual abusers; young people with inappropriate sexual behaviours; victims of abuse and other family members.

Drawing on our expert knowledge, we offer a broad range of services for professionals and members of the public and we run the confidential Stop it Now! Read More We provide a range of services for organisations, professionals and the public including: risk assessments and intervention; specialist consultancy; expert training and public education.

The issue raises questions about what constitutes real sex or sex at all. El Topo (1970)This cult classic, considered by some to be the goriest western ever made also features a notable real sex scene between the director-star Alexandro Jodorowsky and Mara Lorenzio, which is apparently un-simulated.

Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song (1971)Melvin Van Peebles, the director and star of this seminal blaxploitation film refused to submit it to be rated and apparently used the explicit (and in some cases un-simulated) sex to his marketing advantage, advertising on posters "Rated X By An All-White Jury!

Read More Every day, children across the UK suffer sexual abuse, most commonly at the hands of someone they know.

Directed by Marco Bellocchio and starring Maruschka Detmers.

Idiots (1998)This Lars von Trier film about a group of intelligent, bored individuals who decide to stir up their lives by acting as if they have developmental disabilities in public, was the second film made under the strictures of Dogme 95, requiring natural lighting, handheld cameras, and no special effects or makeup.

We work to prevent this abuse from happening in the first place - and to prevent it from happening again if it already has.

With your generous help and support we can continue our work to protect children from sexual abuse.

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