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Writer Dan Butler and his girlfriend, Bel Crewe, are among those who have succumbed to the charms of Powys.

Seven years ago, they sold their small flat in Islington, and spent the £100,000 proceeds on a smallholding near Rhayader, consisting of a 16th-century farmhouse with two barns, a duckpond, pigsty and 13 acres.

If you try to get them to look at a house in Rhayader, Llandrindod or Builth Wells, they're just not interested."By contrast, there is said to be a generally friendly welcome by the people of Powys to those moving into the area.

Both Mr Butler and Mr Whittick are enthusiastic about the Welsh culture.

Mr Whittick says: "There are some English people who come here and they don't have any sensitivity and empathy, but there are others who do, and they can make a great contribution." He says that the disparity in prices between the South-East of England and Powys is a cause of some resentment, but he is proud of the fact that he has learned the language and his children are fluent Welsh speakers.

But while the schools are "excellent", Mr Butler says that there are disadvantages to living in such a remote place.

Public transport is virtually non-existent, and there is no superstore in Powys.

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