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Support the reintroduction of the redistricting reform bill and get it out of committee and to a vote. Republicans say that Democrats had ample opportunity to join in the debate. I don’t know who is right but I know that the American people are the losers in this argument.The process is broken, so to answer my previous question, we cannot trust members of Congress to really know if the bills they vote on are good bills or not.My retirement was part of what is called a multi-employer pension plan.It is a program where workers from different companies belong to the same pension fund. As many as 100 could fail in the next 10 years should no reform occur. Retirees who used to be able to rely on their retirement, no longer trust they’ll have the retirement money that the worked for.

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This type of legislation removes parental discretion and denies parental rights in decision-making for a child's education.Greg Taylor of Indianapolis puts forth another bill (backed by the state superintendent) to reduce the compulsory school attendance age to 5, that the bill will not get a hearing.Children's brains are not adequately developed at age 5 for reasoning of any kind or the understanding of abstract concepts. Requiring a child be placed in school, where reasonable behavior and understanding of abstracts are expected, is asking for failure.That should not and need not mean eradicating any semblance of fairness to American workers and retirees.This dire circumstance is what has led to retirees, workers and employers calling upon Congress and the president to take action to assure American workers who played by, and continue to play by, the rules are treated fairly and receive retirement benefits they earned.

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