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Amateur magic a hobby and passion that brought joy to his son and those around him.

His absence is felt everyday and he is missed and loved still.

The land of the living lost a good soul, but I am sure she will do much good in the eternal world of Heaven. Perhaps I should have put your Marine photo BUT :) I like this one better! Struggling to get his job(\\'s) back and losing the battle he also lost his will to fight any longer and committed suicide. He cared for his friends, who ranged in age from 7 to 91.

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As you said in your letters, we were put together through God. We loved God, we tried to live the life HE wanted us to. I have your pictures around me still and think of you every single day. When I heard you passed, I felt a sigh of relief, as though God put his loving arms around you and said "I will take you now". I was glad to have him as a friend, and although he is gone he will always be remembered. Will, 23, passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, August 18, 2015.

She always saw the good in everyone she met and there wasn`t anything she wouldn`t do for you if you were lucky enough to be called a friend.

She was a creative and talented artist who loved nature and animals, especially her Oscars.

Your kind, thoughtful, loving ways, your smiling face, will be in our memories for eternity. Employed at Civitas Media at time of death in Miamisburg, Ohio Casey was an avid reader and writer all his life. The way I found out he died, and how he took his own life, was tragic.

He was a lover of bookstores, sushi, cats, and social media. I was suffering from depression, living in California, and having a very hard time in my life.

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