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In June 1841, Beard purchased from Daguerre the patent rights to the daguerreotype process in England.A daguerreotype portrait of Louis Jacques Daguerre by John Jabez Edwin Mayall , a photographic artist who established a studio in London in 1847 and later set up a photographic studio in Brighton, Sussex. An early daguerreotype studio, as depicted in a woodcut by George Cruikshank in 1842.Daguerre discovered that the latent image on an exposed plate could be brought out or "developed" with the fumes from warmed mercury.The use of mercury vapour meant that photographic images could be produced in twenty to thirty minutes rather than hours.This illustration shows the interior of Richard Beard's daguerreotype portrait studio at the Royal Polytechnic Institution in London's Regent Street, the first professional photographic portrait studio in England, which opened in 1841.

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In England, Richard Beard (1801-1885), a former coal merchant and patent speculator, bought the patent to Alexander Wolcott's mirror camera and employed the services of John Frederick Goddard (1795-1866), a chemist, to find a way of reducing exposure times to less than a few minutes, thereby making it possible to take daguerreotype portraits.

On 23rd March 1841, Richard Beard opened Englands first daguerreotype portrait studio in London's Regent Street.

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