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Hackers have targeted Windows XP with aplomb for years — and that was while Microsoft was providing security patch support. So regardless of the reasons you're still using XP, start preparing to move to a new operating system right now.If your existing computer can support Windows 8.1, you can upgrade for 9.If you want to move your apps over too, PCmover Professional is just .95 for XP users.If you're interested in moving to OS X, Apple makes it easy.

Since Windows XP hit the market, it's become easier to use an operating system other than Windows, even for "real" work.

If you're still using XP, you're probably using IE 8 — which is more than two versions old. Mozilla and Google have committed to supporting XP for at least another year.

If you're still using Windows XP, it's probably for one of three reasons: Again, unless you happen to be a government institution that still uses XP for a very specific reason, you need to STOP USING WINDOWS XP. It's not just that the operating system is old and that there are security issues. Because XP is so old — and popular — its flaws are better known than most operating systems.

Although buying a Mac is more expensive, plenty of users prefer the experience, and the software available for Apple machines is easily on par with what you can get for Windows. Linux is far from perfect, but it has become much more usable in the last few years.

When Mom's Windows XP laptop died a few years ago, I insisted she get a Mac. Thanks to Ubuntu and distributions such as Linux Mint, using Linux no longer has to be scary.

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