Who is jon hamm dating

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In June, Hamm signaled more joint projects were in the works, telling E!

News that he and the actress had "a couple of projects that we have percolating."In an interview with in 2012, Hamm had talked about his and Westfeldt's personal relationship and the possibility of starting a family."We've seen enough of our friends, who shall obviously remain nameless, become parents, and sometimes it's hard not to think they shouldn't have had kids," he said.

The Keeping Up With The Joneses actor appeared to have been doing his best to go incognito, wearing dark sunglasses and a navy baseball cap emblazoned with a red 'L'.

Last month it was reported the star had bought a .4 million mansion in the celeb-filled area.

The former Mad Men star was spotted out in LA on Monday - and he appeared to have left his underwear at home.

Dressed in a pair of khaki trousers, the 46-year-old hunk was putting his impressive anatomy out on show.

But Jon was unable to see the funny side to the extra attention he was receiving, complaining about it in a March 2013 interview with Rolling Stone.

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There’s not much you can keep secret once you’re famous, and that includes details about your private parts.

Since Matthew Mc Conaughey recently told MTV that a sequel to last year's beefcake film airs its series finale, Jon could star in an alternate universe spin-off.

Imagine a world where Dick Whitman never stole Don Draper's identity, and continued the Whitman family tradition of running a countryside bordello?

Just replace her with Jon Hamm, lounging shirtless in a pair of CK jeans, saying "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins.

Except when I'm forced to wear underwear, in which case, I choose Calvin Klein briefs. Secure a role in bathing suit proved anything (aside from the aforementioned distraction in his shorts), it's that Jon is in nearly perfect physical shape.

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